grahame fox

selected credits


QUANTUMANIA                                       Marvel Studios                                                     Peyton Reed

BLITZ                                                                 Working Title/Apple Studios                       Steve McQueen

5LBS OF PRESSURE                                 Paint Knight Productions, Lionsgate      Phil Allocco

CAN YOU HEAR ME                                Sterling Pictures                                                  Simon Hunter

BEEP                                                                  Plendy                                                                        Allan Plenderleith

FEAR THE INVISIBLE MAN                 Sterling Pictures                                                  Paul Dudbridge

ETERNALS                                                     Marvel Studios                                                      Chloé Zhao

THE CONVENT                                          Sterling Pictures/EnMar Productions     Paul Hyett

MI:6 FALLOUT                                            Paramount Pictures                                           Christopher McQuarrie

THE INVISIBLE WOMAN                     Headline Picture                                                  Ralph Fiennes

MOLLY MOON                                           Amber Entertainment                                       Christopher Rowley

JUDAS GHOST                                           Falling Shadows Productions                        Simon Pearce

ONE CHANCE                                             Ealing Studios/Relevant Ent./Syco            David Frankel

LAVA                                                                 Orangetop/Sterling Pictures                        Joe Tucker


THE NEVERS                                               HBO                                                                             Joss Whedon

THE CROWN                                               Netflix                                                                        Benjamin Caron

THE SPANISH PRINCESS                    Starz                                                                            Stephen Woolfenden

ENDEAVOUR IV                                        Film 4/Mammoth Screen Ltd                       Jim Loach

SAFE HOUSE                                               Eleventh Hour                                                        Marc Evans

THE LAST KINGDOM                            Carnival Films                                                         Nick Murphy

DA VINCI'S DEMONS                            BBC Worldwide/Starz                                      Peter Hoar

SONS OF LIBERTY                                   Stilking/Icon Films                                               Kari Skogland

GAME OF THRONES                              HBO                                                                             Alex Graves

HUMAN REMAINS                                  Baby Cow                                                                  Matt Lipsey

THE KNOCK                                                Bronson Knight                                                     Gerry Poulson

A RESPECTABLE TRADE                     BBC                                                                               Suri Krishnamma

THE TURNAROUND                              World Productions                                              Suri Krishnamma


THE TEMPEST                                            Theatre Royal Haymarket                               Sir Trevor Nunn

IN THE PIPELINE                                      Oran Mor/Paines Plough                                 David Horan

ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM                    Clwyd Theatr Cymru                                          Terry Hands

MEASURE FOR MEASURE                 Theatr Clwyd                                                          Phillip Breen

TROILUS AND CRESSIDA                   Theatr Clwyd                                                          Terry Hands


CUCKOOS NEST                                       Theatr Clwyd                                                          Terry Hands

ROOM TO LET                                            Worlds End                                                              Sarah Frankom


WARHAMMER                                           Mythic Entertainment                                       Various directors

ELDEN RING                                                 From software                                                       Hidetaka Miyazaki

IT TAKES TWO                                            Electronic Arts (EA)                                             Josef Fares

ASSASSINS CREED VALHALLA        Ubisoft                                                                        Ashraf Ismail, Benoit Richer

GAMER GIRL                                                FMV Future/Wales Interactive                   Allan Plenderlieth

WORLD OF WARCRAFT                      Blizzard Entertainment                                    Alex Afrasiabi

WE SOAR                                                        Penny Black                                                             Rob Yescombe

THE INVISIBLE HOURS                         Tequila Works                                                        Rob Yescombe

THE BUNKER                                               Splendy Interactive                                             Allan Plenderleith

DARK SOULS III                                          From Software                                                       Hidetaka Miyazaki