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Grahame was born in Cardiff, South Wales.

As a child Grahame was involved in plays both in school and out throughout his childhood. After school, Grahame wanted to go to drama school, but his parents decided that he needed a proper job. So he became a graphic artist. Specialising in graphic photography,  illustration and printing. Quite some time later, a chance meeting got Grahame back into a local drama company. Before long he was working alongside students of the drama school he wanted to attend in numerous productions at the Sherman and Chapter theatres in Cardiff.  While performing in a play “Peerless Jim Driscoll”, Grahame was approached by the college and was asked to teach. Grahame turned the offer down, preferring to continue learning and working his craft.

For several years, Grahame worked consistently at the Sherman arena theatre, while also shooting short and feature films. After discovering that the college teaching drama only taught on average one hour a week of camera technique, he abandoned the idea of drama school and set about learning his skills via practical experience. 

Grahame eventually started getting London based work. As he didn’t speak Welsh, he felt there was more work available to him in London. So he moved and has been there ever since.

Here are a couple of examples of some of the early showreels.



Lockdown and beyond

For many people the lockdowns were a very difficult time. While neither myself or my family contracted the virus, I did sadly lose my sister, brother and my father during this period. 

The photo on the right is a self portrait taken on my first job after lockdown. A few weeks after I said goodbye to my Dad. 

The job was: ’Fear the Invisible Man’.  I played MARVEL. 

After all the suffocating darkness of recent events, this project was the breath of fresh air I so badly needed.  As it was for all concerned. The enthusiasm was palpable. Despite the film being a period piece laden with SFX, covid restrictions and a small budget, a team of hard working, enthusiastic young people, put their hearts and souls into it and smashed it. The result is something to be very proud of.  The film is due for release in 2023

I found the work to be a great tonic. Giving me a break from an abundance of feelings, emotions and unanswered questions while taking on board all that had happened over the last two years. 

A  quiet summer. A few voice overs for games throughout the summer and another job comes out of the blue. This time MARVEL is in the brief but only this time it’s the production company. This production offers me an opportunity to discover more about the art of performance capture and experience ‘the volume’.  The character was the 7 foot tall ‘Broccoli man’ in Ant man and the Wasp, Quantumania

Pinewood studios for Ant man and the wasp Quantumania

 I also appeared in  a short film we’d talked about a year ago. ‘Beep’. We shot the film over two days. It has been doing the festival circuit since its completion and has been very well received. 

 Later in the year, I was cast in two more feature films,  and an epic video game. 

The first film being 5lbs of pressure opposite fellow Welshman Luke Evans.

‘Marvel’ in Fear the Invisible Man